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Where am I?
Date: November 21, 2001
From:Roma (Rome), ITALYDays walking:0
To: Roma (Rome), ITALYKms:8

New beginnings
001 - New beginnings
Roma (Rome)
Mony\s starting picture at the Vatican'
On November 21, 21, Mony takes her first steps towards Jerusalem. On the Path of St. James in Spain four months earlier, she learned that each person should make three important pilgrimages in their life. She had just completed the first, the "Way of Strength" to Santiago de Compostela. The "Way of the Heart" ends at the Vatican in Rome, and so she decides to begin her pilgrimage for peace there, and finish in Jerusalem, final destination of the "Way of the Soul".

002 - New beginnings
Roma (Rome)
Unexpected blessing
The morning she is about to start her walk, Mony serendipitously finds herself among modern-day pilgrims receiving a blessing from Pope John Paul II. Although not Catholic, she feels privileged to receive this blessing, and takes it as a good omen for the start of her pilgrimage.

First night
323 - First night
Rome city limits
Mony\s camping spot'
To confront her fear of being a woman walking alone in a foreign country, Mony decides to camp out on the first night of her walk rather than stay in the nearby hostel.