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Where am I?
Date: March 03, 2002
From:Medugorje, BOSNIA/HERCIGOVINA (BiH)Days walking:103
To: Medugorje, BOSNIA/HERCIGOVINA (BiH)Kms:0

317 - Krizevac
With friends at Krizevac, Cross Mountain
The second most important pilgrimage site in Medugorje, after Apparition Hill.

From:Solin, CROATIADays walking:103
To: Biško, CROATIAKms:22

Indescribable Croatian hospitality
073 - Indescribable Croatian hospitality
Indescribable Croatian hospitality
In this small village, Mony is welcomed into the home of the unforgettable Despotušic family, who had been awaiting her arrival. The daughter Katarina, second from the right, is the only one who speaks English. Words are not necessary, however, to understand the depth of their kindness and generosity.

Mony enjoys a "light" Croatian meal
074 - Mony enjoys a
Mony enjoys a "light" Croatian meal