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Where am I?
Date: March 22, 2002
From:Medugorje, BOSNIA/HERCIGOVINA (BiH)Days walking:122
To: Medugorje, BOSNIA/HERCIGOVINA (BiH)Kms:0

Alberto leaves the convent. A powerful message from his deceased best friend Javi, and the news that Mony is arriving the following morning, put a crowning touch on this unforgettable day.

From:Drinovci, BOSNIA/HERCIGOVINA (BiH)Days walking:122
To: Ljubuski, BOSNIA/HERCIGOVINA (BiH)Kms:26

Finally - a Connection!
Mony desperately calls Alberto, and this time a woman answers the phone informing the jubilant Mony that Alberto is indeed still in Medugorje.