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Date: September 10, 2002
From:Demre (Kale), TURKEYDays walking:294
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Saint Nicholas
199 - Saint Nicholas
Welcome to Kale/Demre, Home of Santa Claus!
They never would have imagined seeing anything related to Santa Claus in Turkey, but here they are at the tomb of the man who inspired the legend.

200 - Saint Nicholas
Tomb of Saint Nicholas in the Church of Saint Nicholas
In 187, Italian merchants stole the relics of Saint Nicholas and took them to Bari, Italy, where they were placed in a shrine inside the cathedral, and remain there to this day.

201 - Saint Nicholas
Statue of Saint Nicholas outside the Church

"Children on the Path of Peace"
202 -
"Children on the Path of Peace"
The unbelievable inscription on the other side of the statue.